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24/7 Monitoring Services

The United States Merchants Protective Co., Inc. UL listed 24/7 monitoring center uses state-of-the-art computer and telecommunication technology in combination with highly trained dispatch operators to analyze and respond to electronic signals originating from subscriber systems installed in homes, businesses and government facilities.

All of our dispatch operators are highly trained to provide the highest quality service without fail. All dispatch operators go through the Central Station Alarm Association operators training course before they are put through our rigorous in-house training program. The Central Station Alarm Association has bestowed on United States Merchants Protective Co., Inc. the coveted designation of a “Five Diamond Central Station” which means that we are held to the highest industry standards for a monitoring center.

Our dispatch staff is also certified by the FDNY and each of our operators holds a FDNY certificate of fitness for central station signaling dispatch. We believe that having our dispatch operators train to respond properly to any situation is critical to the safety and security of all of our subscribers. This is why we never stop training, all of our staff members are continuously tested to ensure immediate, accurate response.

Signals from subscriber systems originate from sensors located on the premises: smoke detectors, motion detectors, glass-break detectors, and door & window contacts just too name only a few. The systemthen automatically initiates communication with our 24/7 monitoring center, either through telephone lines, internet or by radio transmission. Many systems use two forms of communication to ensure redundancy.

After initial analysis by our computer automation systems, all information about the subscribers system and the current alarm signal is automatically sent to a terminal of highly trained operator for action. Although computers are important, the human element is vital in providing United States Merchants Protective Co., Inc. subscribers with the best possible service. That special touch of a trained dispatch operator can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

Our trained dispatch operators then follow specific instructions for each individual subscriber location, which include contacting individuals at the premises and other designated persons. Then the appropriate action is taken by our dispatch operators which may includes contacting Police, Fire, or Medical authorities as directed by the subscriber database information. Additional contact is made with authorities and responsible persons throughout the handling of the alarm event until a final resolution is achieved. All actions taken by our dispatch operators are automatically logged in the subscriber database with exact date and times. All voice communication between our dispatch operators and all other persons is digitally recorded and time stamped to provide complete documentation of the handling of all alarm events. These records are often used by authorities as evidence in court if a criminal prosecution is commenced. Subscriber insurance carriers also rely upon our information if an insurance claim is to be processed.

The United States Merchants Protective Co., 24/7 monitoring center uses dual redundant computers running the industries premiere monitoring software, Mastermind, from GE Monitoring Automation Systems . If the operating computer were to fail, the hot redundant standby computer is activated with no loss of information or processing capability. Telecommunications is the heart of every monitoring center that is why our center employees triple redundant back-up systems. By utilizing four national telephone providers (Verizon, Lightpath, Sprint and Cablevision), our multiple T1 circuits from each telecom carrier enter our monitoring center through fiber optic Synchronous Optical Network (SONET). Our telecommunication services provide mission critical reliability.

Electrical power to the entire 24/7 monitoring center is supplied by dual power grids from the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) and by Freeport Municipal Electric. Back-UP power is derived from dual-redundant Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS's) which are fed from either commercial electric power or from our own Kohler natural gas-powered 40 kilo-watt generator. These systems allow our 24/7 monitoring center to remain in full operation indefinitely during storms and black-outs when the surrounding areas are without power.

The United States Merchants Protective Co., 24/7 monitoring center is a combination of the newest technology and highly trained operators, all focused on providing our subscribers with the very best customer service.

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Thanks guys for the great camera installation. We have already caught some vandals and were able to get a slip and fall claim dismissed.
– Matthew Lucas, Sands Shopping Center

Thank you! Your service saved my mother-in-law's life twice. – Alicia F.

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